Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a great day..

hi "bloggy"(optional name).. really miss u..hehe
hmm..nothing much to say..but hari ni ada test optimization. i get hampeh in my 1st test..n i hope i can do better than
the seems hard for me to fit in math subject. i do trying..i keep on trying.. but why i get stuck each time i do a calculation? donot understand the concept? yet~i'm the one who will ask like that and this to Mr Phang..wah..macam dah faham, tapi bila buat ada je salah..alalala...apa pun mesti cuba yang terbaik tau ummi~!!
hati ni mmg berbunga2 sejak semalam..because last nite i chatted with my sUnshIne..ngeee..seperti biasa dia akan memberi nasihat..he is the very best friend(merangkap buah hati) yang paling coOl..nasib baik dia tak tahu blog ni..kalau tak mesti kembang hidung mamat tu..hehe..

instead of Loving ALLAH, i'm grateful for His gift~my sUnshine in my life..