Sunday, March 20, 2011


assalamualaikum and hye ladies out there!

it has been a long silence i haven't been here. i didnt wrote not any a single entry because recently i'm being hindered of my cheesecake business and i did teach a boy to recite alquran..sometimes i cry because i just feeling exhausted for what i have done to the end of the day i do nothing on my thesis and the progress is still slow. u know what, i'm waiting for the grant approval, the scholarship application answer, but there aren't released yet. This caused me stress. but i do a blog-walking. heheh... ALLAH knows best. and i do believe in Him in whatever circumstances i feel.

Tomorrow, will be cik tam's flight on 9.50 am. since he was back in malaysia after the egypt riots, i've only seen him in 3 times. (hahah, kena kira). i was so busy in here, and i am not be able to say goodbye to him on this monday. but, i hope he has a safe journey tomorrow.

so, we will be million kilometer apart for several months or even a year, depends on egypt's situation and depends on his academic journey. May ALLAH bless..

p/s: gambar enal tunang..jangan jeles ye geng adik beradik ;)