Sunday, January 31, 2010


semua orang pun ada kerja..tapi mereka punya pengurusan masa yg baik. saya, kerja berlambak, tapi buat yg tak penting2 ni dulu..mmg la tak siap2..(e.g. waiting for the dishes in cafeworld,facebooking, commenting..bla2) kes tak reti manage masa la ni..rasa mcm nak pengsan bila kerja banyak in waiting list..!~

p/s: kredit utk

Monday, January 25, 2010

if my wallet can talk..

the title above sounds funny..but it does reflects me so much..haha..because i didnt plan to allocate my money wisely at first..and at the end, i feel like disaster when my money getting lesser and lesser day by i'm going to solve this money matter? i dont want to ask for DUIT from my ayah..hishh..i'm turning 23 this year okehh..kinda ashame when asking your parent's about fact, i should give money to my parents instead...waaaaaaa....

but yes, i'm still a student..what to do..ohh..if i manage to be witch like HERMIONE GRANGER this moment i would like to spell this charm;

money,money everywhere please come to me without glare~

-NAK duit banyak2 macam ni..boleh beli baking equipments..hihi-

Saturday, January 9, 2010

i just...

i just hate him, and her, and them, and one of them....oh ALLAH..i think i shouldnt do that waste thing- hating people who annoying me..just forget about that particular thing which doesn't give you any good. so, my tiny heart, stop UNLIKE people!

Friday, January 8, 2010

kepadaNYA kita kembali...

pada akhirnya, di usia nenek menjangkau 80 tahun..1 januari 2010, jumaat, 8.05 malam..ALLAH pun menjemput nenek kembali ke pangkuanNYA.. mudah2an, hari itu berkat...membawa petanda yang baik...rindu nenek...

-alfatihah buat nenek, maryah binti abu bakar-