Tuesday, July 28, 2009

am i getting older?

as time goes by..my neurons are likely to decay..as i forget something such;
1) where did i put a bunch of keys of mine,
2) the date of today
3) where's my purse gone??!
4) hmm,i did put my books here right? where did it gone?

aihh...those things sometime burst me into tears you know..*i'm kind a bit sensitive lately..am i getting older?? hahah
but alhamdulillah.. ALLAH still gives me a chance to me to be a good khalifah.. and i'm still alive in my age of 22 today! (thanx guys for the wish on 28th july of mine!in such a way, i really like to give a big thanx to all you guys..heheh)..
and not to be forgotten i received some lovely presents from mmy luvely buddies..(i will post the next entry about my lovely present ;) )
syukran ya ALLAH..For giving me life and day..
to all the readers stay healthy, stay cute, stay smart, stay tune!

p/s; sekalung apresiasi buat teman2; azz, yana, mira,hemo,payied,kuder,haziqah,kak ika,zira,ila,aina,kew,mimi,tun and all my buddies..syg kamu semua!

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