Monday, January 25, 2010

if my wallet can talk..

the title above sounds funny..but it does reflects me so much..haha..because i didnt plan to allocate my money wisely at first..and at the end, i feel like disaster when my money getting lesser and lesser day by i'm going to solve this money matter? i dont want to ask for DUIT from my ayah..hishh..i'm turning 23 this year okehh..kinda ashame when asking your parent's about fact, i should give money to my parents instead...waaaaaaa....

but yes, i'm still a student..what to do..ohh..if i manage to be witch like HERMIONE GRANGER this moment i would like to spell this charm;

money,money everywhere please come to me without glare~

-NAK duit banyak2 macam ni..boleh beli baking equipments..hihi-

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