Thursday, July 29, 2010

it was..

it was a good news when i had my interview on my birthday! so, i will be a contract staff without knowing my position, n how much i will earn for it. some may say i am so stupid~ hahaha....yes..i do not mind about the salary. because, i want to learn. I would like to test on myself. whether i am able to do the work. or i might not that smart..

alhamdulillah..everything goes fine.. the consultant exec said.
"i've met many people, but they are not into the expectation. i'm glad because i found a student (still)who is very fresh but manage to do the task given"

alhamdulillah..salary is not my preference right now. i just ask for experience, give me the opportunity. just that. i try to not demanding. dont want ask too much. my level is not the same with them. i'm a starter. JUST FRESH FROM THE "OVEN"


Nurul said...

congrats ummi

dari~ummie said...

tQ kak nurul..;)