Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a tale about wedding preparation

i have been searching for most wedding vendors in KL and Selangor.included several blogs those writing about their journey on preparing wedding preparation. i was feel like "wow"...am so blessed because they were very particular in giving the details about the vendors they had hire. i do feel like, wedding preparation is such as easy as ABC. just need to hire the wedding planner, and taraaaa! done! (no..not that easy bebeh..)

(were taken from sabby's blogs)-beautiful isn't?

i wonder the lace and flowers are so beautiful to be looked on. how they are arranged in such nice places, how the dress is being designed.well-suited by the bridegroom and bride.. provided with lighting techniques. and wow, i love the smiles on those faces when they were on their solemnization, reception or whatever~ by technology of cameras of course. but i sure you would agree and nodding your head when you see the lovely pictures! oh ya, i would also like the tiara/crown that is placed on bride's head. very the fantastic.

but what the actual thing that i want to mention here with you is, although in the lane of preparing the wedding is full of blast and excitement, there was a tale that we shall learn that, not everything is as much as you like. you have to deal with many vendors, which is mean, you will deal over many people out there who have their own style, behavior, perception that sometimes goes beyond your expectation. if the expectation is all about the work (which you expect 5 stars,they done 10stars), and done fantastically, yeah you will happy for it. it such a worth investment. but what goes beyond your expectation are their unpredicted professionalism,attitudes and all the thingy, i bet you will be so disenchanted with them.

i got this lovely pics from FATINIZULNAIDI

so, what is my advice upon my reviews to mydearself is... dont judge a book by its cover. do not expect too much. there are a lot of "sugar-coated" vendors who say they had done the perfect jobs but the truth,there were not! (maybe the slight things they even didn't)

bear in my mind-though they do not threat you nice-enough, just be nice with them. ALLAH will pay cash for those who are untrusworthy with their words and works.

insyaALLAH, marriage is everyone's dream. and we have to work on with it, not only the preparation, but live after the marriage. "sedangkan lidah lagikan tergigit,apatah lagi suami isteri"- i sure u had heard this malay proverb. hihihi

may all of us are following sunnah rasulullah.. tighting the bond between woman and man by nikah is encouraged by Nabi SAW. and we do have to prevent ourselves from Api Neraka. which is mean, no cruelties in your marriage and we do have to "jaga" the conjugal rights and happiness. be responsible on that. These are my advices to myself. (and pleasee myself, don't be tooo egoist)..

that's all dear friend. may ALLAH bless! ;)

p/s: this entry DOES NOT indicate, i will get married soon!ahahha


hasni said...

dear if u nk khwin
jgn lp eh
kad untuk hasni disini:-)

dari~ummie said...

i will dear..
tapi rasanya lama lagi..ehehehhe
hasni,jangan lupa hantar kad jemputan juga...ehehhe..;)

Neny said...

dek, kamu dah nak kawen ye...walaupun not so SOON..hehehe

tgk wedding org yg glamer2 tu mmg kita teruja sama nak buat sehabis baik dan sehebat mungkin (sori ek kalau salah tafsir intention kamu) but my two-cent point: bersederhana la...kehidupan selepas kawen tu yg lagi penting..lagi nak guna byk duit weh...

starz said...

ngah...you know what....you shud take over your nenek's career laaa....first of all....jadik my wedding planner plus mak andam....kih3....

dari~ummie said...

kak nenny:thanx for dropping by!ehehehe...setuju2..betulla kak,bila tgok org grand,tetiba hati rasa berbunga2 nak buat grand jugak..huhu..tapi tak mau la kalau grand lepas tu habis pokai..your 2 cent adalah sangat menyedarkan!(^^,)

yied: wahhh..ko ni biar betul yied?uhuhuhu...aku kalau gubah bunga boleh la sikit2,tapi nak suruh gubah muka orang,aku takut habis ranap semua..wakakaka..well,kan tetap datang membantu jika kak ngah ko ni diperlukan!uhuhu