Wednesday, May 6, 2009

final examination is just end..stress??

hmm.. i thought the day will make me feeling free and "heaven" after suffering from examination weeks. ngee.. but my perception is totally wrong, wrong and wrong. i need to packing up all my stuffs( it such a pindah randah activities, and i have a lot of things and stuffs). moving from 4th level did make my leg macam parkinson..hahaha... 10 kali turun naik from 4th level to ground level ye.. it has tested your physical and mental strength. in addition, i met boboy at level 3 and he did ask me to "cari gaduh" with him and he manages to kejar my legs and hands along my journey to go upstairs..

okie.. another stories come when i need to make a preparation for debat integriti in UTM skudai next week.. we will off to JB.. yea!! but..we have to make a research and what so ever. (rasa macam tak berbaloi usaha, tak menang2 jugak nak ke suku, tak bagus ke saya ni? am i?) ~leave it up to rezeki and depends on how much your effort bari'ah ye..
and i need to make some readings for my upcoming PSM. reading a journal is not easy.. we have to understand, make analysis ya.. and i have to jot down what have i read then..i need to send the synopsis to faculty and wait for approval. hence, i need a little bit determination and move on one feet ahead..ganbatte ne bari'ah =)

else? program debat piala TNC.. hmm.. stressing and pressure.. i just need the approval and all the matters will be solved up side down.. the budget is still in range of RM 12000 around..tu dah habis potong budget dah tu.. hmm.. lot of money isn't?? harap2 semuanya okie..

balik rumah, bila lagi?? aduhai... janganlah tanya..orang lain dah bersukaria kat rumah dah.. bz memanjang je saya ni.. (hey, u still have time to update your blog isnt?~uhuhu)...i stress!!click here to know ~the effect of stress


ilah_nur ilham said...

jgn la bersedih...ilah pun xbalik jugak..still ada kat kampus..
cm ct ni kat main kampus..
nak jumpa umi sbnornya..nak launchkan blog ni..
tp, nak tacap2 dl..hehhe
anyway..all d best 4 ur debate k..
gambate kundasai!

dari~ummie said...

hisy, cedihkan kita ni..heheh..tak balik2 rumah..ila kena prepare convention, lagi la pening..huhu.. anyway, thanx for the support.. setting balik comment kat page ila k.. ummi nak comment tak boleh..