Thursday, May 7, 2009

senggarang's story

I just arrived from senggarang.. and we had our dinner there.. the most interesting part is we could see sunset scene from our restaurant a.k.a warung comel atas pantai you know.. praise to ALLAH..

it takes 20 minutes journey (100 km/hour) and of course not me driving to there.. if was me, it maybe takes 45-50 minutes of journey because I drive like “kura-kura” in the other word~too berhati-hati..heheh

before we heading to senggarang, I accompany fifi to PKU.. she had fever in the morning. and when I come to her home, her temperature was definitely high.. so hot okeh.. and I keep sponging on her + manage to massage her as well.. after makan ubat semua, fifi laid on her bed, panas pun dah kurang and I went back to my home. but, fifi text me around four, that she had fever again.. we rush to PKU dengan bantuan zahid..

I am the one who likes to see doctor. and yet, I like to ask questions. though there was fifi who is being treated, but I was acted like fifi’s mother. hahah. pharmacist will pening kepala looking at me as she trying to answer my questions. heheh.. memang dilahirkan banyak bertanya kot.. tak ada soalan pun saya nak Tanya jugak. soalan bodoh pun saya Tanya jugak. tak Tanya, tak tahu..didt feel ashame to ask question. I like to ask as I like to have answer.,

there you go today.. sedap tau makan tomyam+ kerang goreng..yum yum… peace(^_^)

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