Wednesday, May 13, 2009


terasa sangat lah ralat diri ini..

i slept around 6 am today(didnt sleep for the entire day)..sehari suntuk dihabiskan untuk latihan berdebat sahaja..

in addition i hope that i can awake azz up early in the morning..(she gonna heading to larkin at 8am) and fetch up another bus to senai airport) i cant sleep though my eyes been burden wit something that i dont know.. haha..

okie.. and i know why i cant sleep, it was because i really hoping my encik Tam will online.. gosh, we were really bz lately,so we cant give a call, message etc.. nak mesej pun mahal! aih.. okie.. back to the story.. after i folding my clothes, did sweep half of my house at 4 a.m(buat kerja separuh2..eee), i heard my handphone beeping.. and i didnt thinking of anyone except him..hahah.. and gosh, it was really him! ok alhamdulillah..just left my sweeping activities far behind..ngehehehe...

and when i glanced at my wrist watch, itz already 6.. ok..i perform my solat subuh first and wake up azz.. and after that, i just dozed off after lying down on my bed..ah...i hope i can help azz to angkut barang2nya.. unfortunately..i cant..tidur tak ingat dunia..sedih... teringat nak buat farewell notes for azz, nak masukkan dalam luggage dia.. supaya dia surprise.. but bz.. bz.. and bz.. sedihnya..

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