Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i had something...

ok, stop thinking about the last issue.. i was so angry and extremely dissapointed at that time..ok, stop it ok..banyak2kan berzikir and mohonlah pada ALLAH diperindahkan akhlak..(hoo, wow,ustazahnya saya..hahah)

mungkin hati ni kotor, dan jauh dari ALLAH..i need a, after ditarbiyahkan oleh cik tam..i think, i must stop it..full stop.

and dear bloggie,

i was really happy..because, though hati yang jahat ni bernafas, ALLAH still gives me a rezeki..HE never neglecting me..alhamdulillah..please blast me with YOUR guidance ya ALLAH..i'm the weak creature..

actually, i've sought several places and am looking forward to pursue my, i choose to study abroad (hey, why not i just take a try?) i love to have a challenging part of my life, how would i survive when living alone..but towards the end..ALLAH pemberi rezeki..yes, i'm moving on my,i had call a place which manage to arrange student to overseas..but you know what, the processing fee that they asked is 90 pund=RM 500++..hoh..

after that, i seek for an advice due to pursuing master study to UTHM's councellor..i was a bit dissapointed actually with the weak explanation and the attention..but never mind..move it by your own feet, i believe that only ALLAH can helps me..but for sure, i have to berusaha..

so..when i was on FB, my lecturer suddenly ask me, when i gonna graduate? and, as i said, i'm moving on my plan, i really had a plan to pursue master lecturer offered me to drop by in his office and he will explain to me later about the next procedure to pursue master study.. he is looking for master student who has strong english command and does has modest attitude..and i just love it! alhamdulillah, ALLAH has shown me the way..

graduation hat with choco falvor (^^,)

so, the story for today is.. i had to manage my last year project which is non-parametric research (qualitative research method) by interviewing several production managers.. i have 3 companies to, i call automotive industry,and the manager said--yes, you can come tomorrow--again, i thank ALLAH..

so, i call proton..i dont have a chance to talk to the production manager but had a great talk with the responsible officer i guess..suddenly he asked me about when i gonna finish my study,my CGPA,bla bla bla..and wuusssh...he said

"why not u apply for internship at proton.we are loooking for those who has achieved 3.00 above, email me your CV along with the question"

though after that he gave me a call, he said that just try, he will send my CV to HR..and complaint why the internship period is so short!~speechless

but afterall, he said-doesnt matter, just try-

i just happy..that's all.. i write it in blog..where this is only my space.. that i can talk to.. because hati yang jahat, suka nk menunjuk2 nanti kalau bercakap..better i shut my mouth off..because all these were because REZEKI from ALLAH.. i dont want to be arrogant..cuma slack bila i marah la..haishh..syaitonirrojim semuanya ituuu....(T_T)


haziQah said...

bgus nye bariah..ditarbiah oleh cik tam..alhmdulillah hee

oh bgus english awk smkin jeles..wink..ada apa2 tips utk dikongsi bsama? :)

starz said...

hope you will get that intern dear....dapat la saye slalu dating dgn awakkk...heee....amin Ya Rabbal A'lamiiinn...(^_^)v

dari~ummie said...

hehehe...yg bagusnya cik tam..bukan saya..=( wuhuhuhu..

eh, power ke?takdela..english biasa2 aje..ngeh33..cuma kita suka read novels, check the grammar, add vocab and apply it in blog..hehehe

aminnn!!!boleh dating selalu gitu..hikhik..=)