Monday, February 22, 2010

the steps...

ok, i have dropped by Dr.R's office...and guess what, this week is an indulgence week of mine..i have so many inputs, i have so many knowledge that i might not get it in my, i have been told about so called life and such Jet engine history , as such stephen R covey's points on 7 habits of highly effective people..and i do understand what actually begins in scholar people.. they read a lot, they understand and analyse..and they do convey an advice to a poor me..

so, pursuing master study in FPT, will gonna be tough as for me, who is lousy and terhegeh2..hehe..6 months before pursuing studies, i have to propose a reseach proposal to the office, apply for a scholarship to KPT. and thank ALLAH that we dont have to wait the scroll in hand but have to get approval from PPA regarding to the last results instead and some other confirmations..

so, the big questions appeared infront of my eyes..i do have a passion in manufacturing and production, but somehow, i just doubt to have under supervision of someone. that he/she was not very helpful. but towards the end, they need someone who are able to work on their own, but still being supervised to ensure they would work in right manners..

master the body of knowledge..i likeee...=)

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