Wednesday, February 24, 2010

what would you do...

what would you do if u are having a problem with someone? so far..i will take a step, ask for apoligizing and it would be better after then. but somehow, when things come complicated..i think i should stay away.. nobody is perfect and so am i.. i'm a kind of someone who is egoistic and expressive i guess.. however, i dont like to bear a grudge.. i just dont want to have problems with someone.. mmm..

but... when it comes to "hidup berjiran&bermasyarakat" we should understand and dont being selfish.. just act yourself as a part of community such as, comprehend, be able to give and take, use your mind when it comes to "menjaga kebersihan bersama"..and many more (which i know, that u knew what i mean)..

by the way, i'm the one who doesnt like to "cari pasal", but if someone start to play with the fire,which i think, it is not good for me, i will keep myself safe, and will extinguish the fire+the one who started it...what do you think guys?

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