Saturday, May 22, 2010

i just hate this feeling

i had a very nice friend..i know..she is..i was by her, whenever she needs me..but somehow, she rather spend her time with her beloved one(or should i call BF?),rather than me..but i just ok with that thing. i always give her support, when she had a very bad day. when she was crying like hell, and know nothing what to do. until she is single back. i keep accompanying her. she likes to hang a phone with me. plus, hanging around with me. i like it too.. she likes to talk about her feeling. and i just hearing without doubt and without boredom.. and time has changed. she is falling in love right now again. am hoping she meets the right one..

but what made me to keep a distance from her is her mom. her mom actually is nice. but what had happen towards me,i could not simply forget it. i never want to tell anyone. i keep it as a secret. she ask for my apology. and i accepted it. i forgive it, but not to forget it. i know it was not her fault. but somehow, i was hurt..thats why, i'm telling you my bloggy..

the way her mom SMS-ed me, was really annoying. yup, i have to confess, it was really annoying. and i keep a distance from her, since that. she did invited me to her new house. but i keep giving her with a thousand of reasons. i wont come, i cant come to there. its hurt. it was really hurt. di antara 2 darjat. it is a contempt for me.. and to your surprise, before that SMS is sent to me, i dreamed about her mom. she was yelling and humiliated me in that dream. it really happen. who knows. but in different way.

thank you for everything. i will go away. but ring me, whenever you need me.


starz said...

you know what??...i know that you'll always by all's side....whenever we need someone....wherever it may....even you never told like this to me or to your bloggy...i always knew that...=)....cheer my have me....i know the distance keep us apart....but just like you....i'm always here for you...and anyone you always okay...♥♥♥

dari~ummie said...

yied!! *nangis*
i knowing that my old friends
are always be by my side..
i know u will always..
i love you too yied..:')