Tuesday, May 18, 2010

wanita itu sandaran hidupnya adalah hati dan perasaan
hidupnya sentiasa ttg perasaan
maka jika anda ingin menjaga hatinya
maka akan bahagialah hidup anda
dan lelaki itu sandaran hidupnya adalah akal
akal sentiasa jadi permainannya
maka,jika anda jaga akalnya, bahagia jugalah hidup anda
-taken from payied-

heart to heart talk is good

i watched NANNY 911 last night

and i was so impressed!

because they taught me the skills of parenting

more than that

they taught me, the importance of understanding, respecting, helping
of each other. yes.. each other of your family.

nanny 911 provides a message, how severe your problem is

back to the root of your problem

in order to solve it.

i am obviously the type of egoist people.

i never want to blame myself (this is my weakness, i'm not denying it)

however, i was trying to improve this problem. so please help me

am the one who is having a problem feel insecure.

please help me

am the one who needs attention

do help me

am the one who is eager to investigate, very curious..

where i am the one who doesn't believe someone..
yes someone..
u read this, u know, for whom it meant~

please help me

i know, when we are having a problem with people..
it is actually indicated that, we are having a problem with ALLAH

i hope that my dear ALLAH guides me..

only ALLAH knows what had i had in sailing my life all these while..

i'm sorry if you regret whenever u were being with me

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