Wednesday, November 3, 2010

i'm happy..

I'm so blessed because i've been gifted valuable gifts from ALLAH..
one of the gift is


there's such a lot of friends..

who will come and go..

but only the true one

will leave their footprints in your heart*

i miss my old days at school..and uni..

and I'm very thankful,i never lost to keep in touch with them..

they are like my siblings

and they are my besties..


in my workplace..

although i have been isolated,due to my "schematics"(hahaha,ada ke ayat nih?)

always wearing baju kurung,less talk and don't even care to look at them while they are gossipping each other.


i have my friends around me,who makes me smile and never loose hope...

while i was despairing due to my workloads..

they're by myside..

u know,whom that i meant to mention here..

they are---YOU!-

(who is usually read my entry)

MMMUAHHSS! thanx bebeh for coming into my life..=)


=*NuRo0L* = said...

muah to you tooooooooo bebeh...

CIK ERYN said...

i will olwez be ur fren
whenever u need me..
i'm lucky to have u as a fren ;)

saya said...

hehe...luv u always babe....=)

dari~ummie said...

mmuaahss back!! huhuhu..TQ my dear friends..