Friday, December 17, 2010

kita memang tak suka dia..

salam and hye..

i did a reading on this blog. a title that i cannot missed to read it.. however,since the article is so long to be read, i hold it for a while. it takes time to me to understand the phrases, and the chronology so well..

but what i want to conclude

kita memang tak suka dia..(Israel's government)

since Tun Dr. Mahathir Muhammad had announced that we(Malaysia) would not taking any further step of establishing diplomatic relations and business with Israel until they fulfill the resolution made and stop the war with Palestinians, then we would agree to establish that diplomatic relation with them.

but you know what.. one thing that you must know about Jews is,

they are not amanah. (not engaging with what they promised)

but u have to bear in mind, some of jews confessed to beriman kepada ALLAH & Rasulullah, and some do not agree for what had happened between Israel's government and palestinians in Gaza..however,just tooooo little of them. The rest, they don't think about future. they just hoping that they will live for another 1000 years. that's Jews as have been stated in Quran & Sunnah..

i am hoping that i could help our brother and sister in palestin someday.. InsyaALLAH..

Only ALLAH knows the best for them..

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