Monday, January 3, 2011


salam and hye...

i'm now at post-graduate room at UTHM library..huhuhu...the progress is still slow. i had a meeting with my supervisor. He adviced me what to do at the earlier stage. and now, here i am, being stucked in front of the PC. oh, not to be forgotten that the facilities provided are very good in here..The LCD screen is big enough for me. hence, i dont have to pening kepala when i have to go through to every journal's paragraph. sangat puas hati.

Instead of searching journals, i need to work out my plan. Tomorrow will be my second meeting. so i have to give him my gantt chart and daily planning. what are the tasks those need to be done on that day. this is just a quick update. hoho.. eh, cop, yesterday my SV told me that this paper will be presented in front of several expertises. woaaa...mahu terkencet!

p/s: activating back my FB account. now i realize, that FB is such important medium to KIT with my old friends. and my recipes were there too!

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