Monday, April 12, 2010


entri lepas tu macam entri penuh perasaan...heheh..tu entri dari isi hati..yeah, i know i know, cik tam has given a read on that entry.. i'm afraid that his heart will be wounded by that kind of entry,...oh nooo! (but i think he does not, because he is taking an approach--malas nak layan minah ni, hehehe)

heheh..i'm not writing to promote who is cik will find out soon..

this is mine and his blog, so the author can write "free-ly" yet without infusing somewhat that clash with constitution.. i'm sorry cik tam if i had a mistake, if i had use the word that make you feel so bad.. but deep in my heart, i feel so sorry..(i think that i'm taking granted on him because he used to give me an apology whenever i make a mistake..but not me,hahha!)

SORRY for every single mistake and word that wounded your heart,( but i think with a card that wishing you gudluck is considered as a persuasion for you..hihihi) .again, i'm not promoting so called "BFF" of mine(BF???wekkk!)..but i'm writing to expose him as a partner of this un-popular blog.. hahahhaha...gotcha!

so, the previous entry doesnt make sense to use "aku" to let it be "loose" and fun to be read..SORRY CIK TAMTAM..lain kali tak buat lagi..=(

Goodluck to CIK TAM and all azharian/maahad/UTHM/IPT students for your examination undertakings..may ALLAH bless...~



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djailuh said...

nasib awk dah tau saye mals nak layan entri sebelum ni..

dari~ummie said...

mmmm, awk kan mmg pemalas...hehe