Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i'm mad..

I’m mad today!! I woke up early in the morning to attend 2 programs. The informer keeps talking in microphone. Hey, it was definitely deafen my hearing okay... Rushing went to block E, but then, nothing I can do... Huh...next, I went to bus stop, and coincidentally met chuan. He asked me “bariah, are you here because of the secretariat meeting?” I nodded my head. “For sure” I said.
Chuan smiled at me.. “The meeting is cancelled”
“Did faz told u?”
Aih.. These things are seriously rise my temper.. I got 2 exams tomorrow, and I have another 2 assignments to be done. I’m keen to clean my house and my room instead of waiting for nothing, going there for nothing. Huh.. sabar je la kan..

But, when I get home, its another story..mimi kencing kat dalam rumah+berak atas alas kaki toilet!! Hisy..nasib baik je la kau ni kurus+sakit, mimi oi..and for sure i tidy up the entire house.. i clean the dirts on her eyes. After having my lunch meals, I feed her as usual.. rupa-rupanya mimi tak suka makan nasi, she’s having her only fish. Hmm.. it seems good when I see her appetite goes well.. Now, she is sleeping under my bed. I put her in shoe’s box so then, she can sleep tightly..
Fuh.. its my turn to finish up my works..

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