Monday, March 23, 2009

it is hard when we are apart..

hye my dear bloggy,
Just drop by to share my feelings... (bunyi macam romantic je.hik7) bila berjauhan macam ni..macam -macam benda saya terfikir..termasuk la rasa tak percaya..saya tahu tak baik..tapi kita haruslah bina keyakinan dan rasa percaya pada orang yang kita sayang lousy i am..

last night, I send a good luck message to my dear sunshine.. I ask him how is he, when he will be sitting for the examination and what so ever… then I wish him good luck.. I know, it’s hard for him living far away from Malaysia. I knew, there’s a lot of a friend he has to rely on. But how hard he can survive for honorable something named KNOWLEDGE?? He replied me that he was fine but he hasn’t eaten yet..oh sad I am for hearing that thing.. Sometimes he has to be thrifty for the sake of money saving?? Money saving if something happen, money saving for the future.. Hai..
I think I should cancel on my budget for the trip I’ve planned with azz. Even though he never asks me to do a favor for him, but I feel I have to do so. Yes, he is not my husband yet nor my family. But I’ve shared a lot of things called life with him. So then, I should do something. I know he will refuse if he knows… but I don’t care…

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