Sunday, March 22, 2009

~my new hobby..(^_^)

Today, I’m tiring of doing the assignment (poodah, baru buat 2-3 mukasurat dah nak mengomel heheh) after cleaning up the room, enfold my clothes and what so ever I continue doing my assignment. But, at the end I get stuck in the blogspot. Hahah..Recently, I love to read all the mothers’ blog though I’m not yet married.ahaks…. Thanx to kak noha chomel. Actually I made a search on some recipes and pix of tasty foods and finally I found kak noha’s blog. It was really awesome. I found something interesting in her blog. She made a journal of her life and also her lovely daughter, named nurin salma. I will be a mother soon or later too, so, I need to empower my self by imitating/ following others’ experiences. At least, I know what should I do if my children having a sickness. She is nice I think, motivated and love to cook.

From that I’ve explored many blogs which are worthy for me. Such blog is kak Juwita and her family in Japan, and not to be forgotten, kak fatin and her family in Beijing. There are very nice actually. Sharing recipes in that blog plus sharing on how they took care of their children. And finally I’m thinking of my parents how difficult for them to raise me up. Sometimes, I cant imagine how lousy I am for not appreciating the people around me. to my dear sunshine, I will try my best effort.. may ALLAH protects you and grants HIS Mercy upon you..may ALLAH bless you.. goodluck..maannajah..goodluck in your exam..

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