Saturday, March 14, 2009

mimie the momoe...

hye bloggy...
i'm now keep a kitten named mimi..(momoe is the additional name for her, huhu)
she is now, lying down at my back while i'm typing this entry..wah, bahagia betul mimi aku ni yek..dah puas i alihkan dia, finally, dia panjat jugak belakang adopted mummy dia nih..
when i found her last tuesday at aked(kedai makan kat uthm), she was really sick and weak..pity her..her eyes cant opened..there's a kind of selaput at her eye balls..when mimi sit, i saw she was not stable as well..oh my..and now she is still recover from her sickness..i dont know what kind of disease she had. what worrying me most is she refuses to eat..i try to give her UHT milk, but still doesnt work. then i give her whiskas tuna which is sold in container. also, she refused, just eat a little and later she ignores it. for the sake of life, i try to give her any remain food i've ate after my meal. and yet, she eat some. but then, she seems doest interested with those foods.
she is really thin..this is her pix..i hope i can bring her to veterinar..

and guess what, she likes to sleep wherever she is..plz pray for her recovery, i dont want her dying without any positive progress..

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