Friday, March 13, 2009

my sunshine brightens up my day =)

it's a pleasure if not going to class. It would be fun having my "upacara mengemas" at my room if so..Hectic day, hectic life.. I’m keen to clean my room..huhu..but today, i had my chat with my dear tamim as i arrive on my bed after attend my manufacturing practice. fuh!i deem that he brightens up my day plus i had received his call from egypt(muka bahagia)..ngehehehe.. and guess what, tamim request to do the blog with him..he said i'm good in writing,(*really??~blinking+a bit proud)..huhu..alhamdulillah if he says so..i turn his copliment towards ALLAH swt..its a gift for me indeed!

so then, beginning from now onwards, this blog will soon becoming a "duet" blog..huhu..which is mean, i'll write on my thoughts as well as tamim in this kinda serabut blog..but i promise to enclose you neatly my bloggy ngehehe.. i hope i could do so..

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