Wednesday, August 4, 2010

jalan2 cari pasal

since i'm undergoing 1 week of holidays, i had a great walk with cik tamtam. we chatted and sitting on bench at KLCC garden while having my home-made pizza. so, he said my pizza is gorgeous (haha,tipu)..actually, he said my pizza is good. hehhehe (kembang kompis hidung makcik jap)then, we read magazines that i brought for his mom.

(look,my overbaked pizza-and after having a "crash" in my beg)

provided with hot weather, we decided to walk in to KLCC and enjoying ABC+ MANGO FRESH JUICE..ahhh yummy2.. we dont think to eat in KLCC since we just had had pizza, and we were full!
after finishing ABC, we headed to kinokuniya and bought my book. -THE RUDOLPH FACTOR-
(punyalah susah nak cari buku ni kat malaysia).

(gambar ehsan pakcik google-credit to kellyowenstein)

next destination that i do want to go is JALAN TAR. surely u know that place! find for some tudungs, stopped at book shop and he bought some books written by zaharudin(which he awaited to buy that books a past few months). then we dine in warung near mydin complex. masa tu barulah rasa lapar kan!..oh..before that, we meet kak mas and abg kasya-(cik tamtam's brother and sister in law at kamdar)

feww..when i heading back to shah alam, there was a crowd of people at KL central. seriously sardine! hahhaha... i was badly flat after reaching home...huh...nice weekend huh...
(mokcik dah ponek)~dating dgn bag-pack..kihkih..sungguh tak ayu


starz said...

i'm happy with your happiness dear....=)

dari~ummie said...

hehhee...TQ yied..praying for each other is a "must" ;)
luv u!

CIK ERYN said...

den pon nak p jalan TAR..
nak borong baju raya..kui kui

dari~ummie said...

eryn..jom jom! ;P

Aanas said...

best kan sekali sekala berdating ngan partner cam dolu2.. :)

dari~ummie said...

salam singgah kak aanas..terima kasih sudi singgah..
hehhe..ala,akak tiap2 hari jumpa..lagi best..;)