Friday, April 24, 2009


Why do I get depress? Because I’m thinking of my subjects 4 months back.. it was a tiring semester, sometimes get busy with something not related to academic.. but I did enjoy the tournament though we were unlucky then..

And today is frightening me.. I’m scared for this upcoming Monday.. optimization day.. arghh… I really hate this subject.. I really2.. i confess that I’m so bad in calculation!

Ya ALLAH.. please hear my doa.. I really2 stuck each time I look at the exercises.. It was very challenging my brain.. Just me.. it was all about simple calculation..Why they do get excel in that subject? I came to class, I met my lecturer in personal, I had my exercises.. I am the one who was asking like hell in class... But why I just can’t get the best? Just once in a time.. Sometimes I cry... It burdens me.. And I do have so called inferiority complex .. And some questions get across in my mind..

Is that I’m so stupid for math?
Is that I’m so unlucky in math subject?
Is that I’m so so so that stupid..
Is that sort of these things made me sooo stupidity??

I wanna cry.. I need a shoulder to cry on.. I’m sad.. I don’t know how to answer the very killing questions on this Monday.. I had no choice..



lifeiss said...

salam bariah..

slmt mghadapi exm..
skY doakn yg terbaik..
smga jln ilmu kamu Allah permudhkn..

iman said...

sky..thanx for the support..
really appreciate it..
and may the same goes to u as well..
selamat berjaya juga..

yang benar,
-ummi- =p

ilah_nur ilham said...

salam..mie, tgk2 kan az tu..
td dia gtau laptop die ada prob..
banyak2kan bersabar az ye..
kt cocentrate exam dl..
insyaallah..ada penyelesaiannya...
smile sket..

dari~ummie said...

sure do ilah..
and pesan kat aina, be patience ek..
ada hikmahnya tu..