Sunday, April 5, 2009

something about her

it was a good day.. I thought..hehe..then, I’m starting to typing something..about an alien..the old-youg lady who had been with me a year ago..yes, she is better than me.. (azz-I’m lying!!! wuhuhu)
sarawakian girl lost in UTHM, having her day with her hectic life..come together with joy and less sensitive rather than me..huha..yeah,I couldn’t stop my tears down each time when I talk about him??why? I don’t even know..but sometimes, her jokes make me alive and I bet, it could stop my sadness..monyet!(the only word she would give me..ngee.. =p)
she is a good advisor. looking contrast with what we’ve seen as a woman. She never gives feelings, as she always give suggestions. Never been in our “shoes” rather than being I in other’s “shoes” (bila time mengadu2 ni la) Good in cooking, but have trouble with kemas-mengemas part.. she enjoys her life well as she had with her family..

till now I don’t understand why I can get close with her. is that, we are completing each other which is mean, she is not very sensitive as me? or she could just hear whatever I’m saying, bubbling and talking like a mother to her without doubt? is that? sometimes I feel, she is chicken, and I am a duck. talking and trying to be on our own stand (somehow,our understanding is the same, but the way we present it verbally is the different). plus, we will never give up when debating about something even it was small2222 matter.. how could we live and laughing together? ngeheheh..
she is kind hearted woman. love to read novel..and guess what, she had read all the novels in UTHM library,,WAh…it just ok as long she gives a focus in class.. what does she like most is doing paperwork.. huh..-the most I hate..
she is friendly..and likes to greet everyone who will be aside.. nice, sweet..but..siput is her nice trademark..hahhahaha..being late every morning..sometimes me, sometimes her..

but..encik T_ _ _ _ M, you have to thank her..because she is the one who tortured me, if I get stuck in a bad mood each time I’m thinking of you…huhu..thanx my lil-fatty buddy..never forget you…~tukang siang ikan after I get married..wuhaaa…kihkihkihkih…

p/s: for more information please visit her in her blog =)

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