Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a visit to ingress and sirim..

yesterday 14/4 we made a visit to ingress and sirim as well.. it was a very2 interesting trip to there.. and guess what, i fall in love to work in industry suddenly.. so called, divert ambition to be la ni..hehehe..means before this my intention much more prone to be in educational sector but then, it makes me eager to work as a part of industry..huhu~(tak tetap pendirian) no sector is my first option..but, it doesnt stop there..i'm thinking of doing my upcoming PSM~ scale and area~..ehehe..because it was totally bersangkut paut with what i've learned theoritically..thus, this is the chance..huha..

eh..takpe kan..but then requires a lot of effort to go there,..yes the warm greetings makes me amaze incredibally..islamic and humble but excell in what they've done..and taking for granted, we held an interview with encik rasyid(arigato encik rasyid =p)as well..and to my surprise they did say a doa before going back to sweet..and for your information, board of director of ingress engineering was totally consisted of muslims..datuk Rameli Musa is the one of them..
wah..and what i amaze most is they do zakat in each department..and they did apply continuous improvement so called kaizen system in production line..not just that, they attached "mulakan kerja anda dengan bismillah" on machine's surface.. was'n it sweet and lovely??hohoho..i like it..(gaya makcik SyaFiqah)

from 224 vendors of proton, only ingress survives from economy depression in 1997-1998..
wow..hebat tu..sebab berkah..the warm greetings make me feels so welcome to be there..hey, not even a company could give such a well greet like them..big applause, and a big thumbs up to ingress,, be continued to the next entry~if has..hehe

p/s: semua entri yang saya post melalui proxy uthm tak boleh nak letak gambar atau tulisan warna bored..not interesting


iman said...

hehehe... best sampai azz demam balik dari sana.. JOm ummie kita kerja kat industry je... hahaha

dari~ummie said...

kalau sehari pun dah demam..
apatah lagi nak kerja 300 days per year kat industri..
huhuhu...takut kena demam iron oxide je karang..=p

ila said...

hurm...syoknye dengar cerita umie...
ilah xdapat pg pun,huhu
xpela,,,xde rezki...sudahnya bawak diri blk kg..hurmm...
hope, nt dapatla berkongsi pengalamn ngan umi n kwn2 yg lain..
bole kan??

dari~ummie said...

to ila...
bisa di atur tu..
and a lot of thanx for dropping the comment here..
alalala best lagi dapat balik rumah..huhu~sedih =(
i hope i can share a lot wit u guys..
stay tune, n stay cool..
all the best (^^)

slaydude said...

hye there...i would like to know details bout ur trip to sirim....reasn behind is i need to organize edu trip to any engneering company...ur story bout sirim sounds interesting... really do hope u can text me at dis num 0122606905. tq