Sunday, April 5, 2009

the notebook

hye dear bloggy..
do you still remember my previous entry about love dimension? as i read it thoroughly with my heart and soul, i found something grow inside the dimension of the two couples..who had alzheimer disease at last, after their 49 years marriage.. it saddens me, my tears came down, in every moment that nicholas spark try to describe Noah's love towards his Alli..but Lon's story is end just like that..

amazed with the story line, i actually can capture how deep their heart meant to be each other. how deep the love towards was really sweet..romantic..and i began to daydreaming!(ngeee..=p) not just the poet, the letter that he had slipped beneath the pillow of his wife, alli..but how he treasure, remember each of their marriage anniversary..though alli is sick, though alli couldnt remember even single of their moment..but noah did it could bring magical moment for them both.. and at last, after his hard few moments with her halucinnation world...


finally she mention noah's last..echoing in his last, my wife could remember me, could remember for whom the notebook is being dedicated to..its for his was a love story that he wrotes down in the every single moment they had been together, before they meet again, and after the decision Alli's worth..really worth for an alli..the woman who had been called with timeless beaty by his husband..who still being admired by his own husband even after 49 years old..oh my,.though it just 4 hours they spend time together (alli, then lost in halucinnation. i still remember, even hard for noah to walk, he still remember their then, he walk with exhausted, he then reached in Alli's room.. to meet her for their anniversary..oh my..

when noah is 89, 5 years after Alli demise..he is still there, wondering about alli..his timeless beauty..

every single moment we had with our beloved one..please treasure them..please..
and what i hope most is..menjadi cahaya, yang menerangi tanpa pilih kasih..

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